Senior Pictures

If you missed the previous senior picture meeting May 20th, you can visit the Cady Studios website here for bookings and further information.

  • The photo sessions range from $30-$399 

  • Pictures taken by Saturday September 7th will have the option of“Student choice” for the yearbook.

  • If your pictures are taken before October 24th deadline, The FPC Yearbook senior section will include 2 different poses from your Cady Studios sessions ; the formal yearbook and one choice casual pose. 
  • Pictures taken after September 7th- October 24th will be studio selected for the yearbook
  • If you make a selection after October 24th, please be mindful that you will forfeit that right to the studio.
  • Please note that pictures taken with private photographers will not be included in the FPC Yearbook.

Please schedule senior pictures via the summer at the Jacksonville or Orlando studio locations with no additional cost, but a more personalized experience. If you’d rather wait until the photographers come to FPC, please note you will be in the gym with many more people scheduled in short time frames. The FPC date options are: 

  • Saturday August 10th

  • Saturday September 7th

  • Saturday October 5th

To book FPC as a location please see instructions below.

  1. Yearbook
  2. Cap and Gown
  3. Brick
  4. Tuscan
  5. Vintage
  6. Exposure
  • Select session
  • On the "Schedule your session" page, FPC is listed as a studio location. If you do not see FPC as a location, please go back and change scene to either of the 6 options provided above.

Weekend appointments fill up very quickly! Call now!