Cap & Gown

Cap and Gown order process start in late October or early November. There will be a class meeting to kick off the process. Jostens representatives will be on our campus for several days to take orders. They will launch website ordering at this time as well.

Placing an order from the date of the launch meeting through Christmas break locks you into the $35 price with no money down. 
After the holidays, the price will increase to $45. April, it increases again to $55.

Cap and Gown orders placed in person with Jostens representatives or by calling our school representative directly can be made with no money down. Website orders must be paid for at the time of the order. 

No money down is for cap,gown and tassel orders ONLY, any orders that include grad announcements, memorabilia or specialty items will require a deposit. 
Yes you can use a borrowed cap and gown from a sibling or friend (same gender). 

cap and gown