Graduation Requirements

Courses Credits
 Must Include English I, II, III, IV
 Must Include Alg. I or Alg. IA/IB and Geometry
 Must Include Biology
 Social Studies:
 Must Include World History, US History, Government (0.5), and   Economics (0.5)
 Physical Education:
 Must Include Personal Fitness (0.5 Credit)
 Fine Art or Approved Practical Art
 Other Credits:
 (Electives or Academics)
 Online Course:
 (Full Course in any Subject)
 Total Credits Required  24
 Testing: Passing Scores Required on these Tests:  
 Algebra 1 FSA  
 Writing and Reading FSA  
 GPA 2.0 Minimum, Cumulative, Unweighted  

Applying for Universities? Scholarships?
You will also need the following:

World Language: 2 Consecutive credits in the same language
Algebra 2

Testing - Minimum scores set individually by each university & scholarship
SAT or ACT - Both tests are accepted by all universities
GPA - Varies by University and Scholarship Programs

Community Service Hours:
75 Hours required for Bright Futures Florida Medallion Scholarship
100 Hours required for Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholarship