Course Selection

  • While everyone is working hard to complete a successful year at FPC, we are also working on a great start for next year!

    Please follow the steps below to ensure that we have all of your course selections.

  • Course Selection Sheets for the new school year are distributed in 3rd period.

  • Students will work with their teachers for academic selections and then choose their electives. Once the initial selections are made on Skyward, we will meet with students who are planning on dual enrollment or who have other issues to resolve.

  • Students will have teachers sign their selection sheets for course approvals 
  • Students will select 7 courses that they are recommended for and want to have in their schedule next year. electives and number them in order of preference on their course selection sheet

  • Parents will sign the course selection sheet

  • Students will enter their own course selections and alternates in Skyward.

Counselors will also be available during lunches in the cafeteria to help students with their course selections. Due Date: 2/20/20. Students will return completed course selection sheets to their 3rd period teacher. After Spring Break, Guidance will meet individually with students as needed to troubleshoot questions or concerns. This process will take several weeks. Meeting with your counselor does not determine class placement as far as space availability or preference. Thank you for your patience!

Questions? Please email your counselor or enter a request on our guidance page. We will do our best to help you with the course selection process and preparations for a great year ahead!

Instructions for filling out the Course Selection Sheets



2. PRINT your first and last name on the sheet.

3. Complete the course selection sheet for the grade you will be in NEXT YEAR

4. Give correct phone and email – we will contact you if we have questions about your schedule.

5. Courses in BOLD require teacher approval.

6. Selections are not guaranteed depending on scheduling, tests scores, grades, etc.

7. Select 7 ACADEMIC and ELECTIVE CLASSES with an X. These are 7 classes you want next year. Select 5 alternate courses in numerical order of preference (1-5).These will be used in the event your elective choices (X) are not available.

Your current or most recent teacher in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies will help with your recommendations for your next course in that subject. Course selections without a required teacher signature will not be completed. You can see your teachers before or after school or during your lunch. Please be respectful of their teaching time.

8. Please note that some courses are worth two credits and will take two class periods (Two X’s).

9. There are new Dual Enrollment options. All require a minimum GPA and test scores.

10. One fine art is required to graduate; some courses under practical arts will count for this requirement. They are marked with a hash tag or number sign (#)

11. Some electives require an application. Students are responsible to submit the application to the correct sponsor or teacher.

12. TA (Admin Office Tech) is different this year! Limited spots available. 3.0 UNWEIGHTED GPA, and a clean discipline record.

13. iFlagler- see guidance counselor for eligibility.

14. Study Hall is called Executive Internship. 1) SENIORS ONLY; 2) last period only; and 3) students must leave campus during study hall and provide their own transportation.


15. TURN IN completed and signed forms to your 3rd PERIOD teacher Thursday, February 20th.

16. Make your best selections now. Choose carefully – only schedule corrections will be honored next year.

17. Please wait to see your counselor. Your academic teachers will make recommendations and you will choose your elective preferences. Counselors will contact students individually with scheduling issues.

Remember! A completed form has 7 X’s and 5 alternates!