YearbookPurchasing a Yearbook
Visit the Yearbook Order Center website to purchase your 2021–2022 yearbook, using school code 15737 to sign in as a Flagler-Palm Coast High School student. Yearbooks will be distributed at the end of the school year.

Feature Stories
The FPC Yearbook staff is working on feature stories for the 2021–2022 edition. Feature stories are full page spreads about specific topics, which spotlight 3–10 students. If you would like to be included in a feature story, please review the topics below, and submit the linked form. This is a great way to be included in the yearbook!

    A to Z
    Share your thoughts about pop culture, including current celebrities, trends, and social platforms.


    Reflect on the past, by looking back at your first year of high school. Give advice to incoming freshman about how you have grown since your first year at FPC.



Senior ad space is available, but filling up quickly. If you are interested in purchasing and designing a yearbook ad, visit the Yearbook Order Center website, and use school code 15737.

Yearbook Ads