Senior Debt

Please monitor and/or pay debts throughout the school year. The school holds cap and gowns until senior debts are paid. Students will also be prevented to attend Grad Bash Trip in April if they have an outstanding technology or parking ticket balance.

To find out if you have school debt please check the following sources:

  • BLC and Technology - Textbooks, media center books, computer related.
  • Dining Hall - Any balance $25 or over will prevent you from receiving your cap and gown. You can pay any cashier at lunch or call the main office at 437-7526 extension#1159. If you have an outstanding balance already, ask about free and reduced lunch paperwork. 

  • Sports/Activities - Did you quit a team or never returned a uniform? Owe fundraising money? Return uniform to the coach/sponsor or Ms Longo. Pay by cash only.

  • Dean's Office - To pay for parking tickets bring cash to the dean's office.