Senior Pictures

You can now Schedule your Senior Portrait Sessions through Cady Studios

Please visit Cady Studios website here for bookings and further information. 

  • The photo sessions range from $30-$399

  • In order to be featured in the FPC yearbook senior section, pictures must be taken by Cady Studios by November 13th. The FPC Yearbook senior section will include two different poses (one formal yearbook and one casual pose of your choice) from your Cady sessions.

  • Seniors who have their pictures taken by Wednesday September 16th will have the option of selecting the two images that appear in the yearbook online by November 13th. 
  • If your pictures are taken after September. 16th (selection deadline), but before November 13th (photography deadline), your images will be included in the book but the student forfeits the right to select which images. Instead, studio personnel will make the selection. (The “firmness” of that September. 16th deadline depends on availability of the individual students' proof. It is possible to be photographed September 25th and receive your proofs in time to make the selection yourself before the November 13th deadline, but it is not guaranteed.)

  • Please note that pictures taken with private photographers will not be included in the FPC Yearbook. 
  •  You may schedule senior pictures at the Jacksonville or Orlando studio locations if you wish for a more personalized experience. The cost is the same. If you’d rather take your photos at FPCHS, photographers will come to FPCHS. These shoots are located in the FPC 100 gym at the front of the school.

The FPC location dates options are:

  1. Tuesday, September 15th
  2. Wednesday, September 16th
  3. Saturday, October 3rd

To book FPC as a location please see the instructions below.

  • Only select from these “travel” scenes
  1. Yearbook (formal backdrop)
  2. Cap and Gown (not an option but included for everyone at all levels)
  3. Brick
  4. Vintage
  5. Exposure
  • Select session (how many different backdrops and add ons you want). The less expensive options are at the bottom.

  • On the "schedule your session" page, FPC is listed as a studio location. If you do not see FPC as a location, please go back and change the scenes to either of the 6 options provided above. If you select a scene that does not travel, FPC will not populate as an available location.

  • When you select FPC, the three dates (September 15th, 16th, Oct 3rd) will show up as options. Weekend appointments fill up very quickly! Go to their website and schedule now.