AP Exam Information 2021

AP Exam Information 2021
Posted on 04/02/2021
AP Exam 2021

Attention AP Students and Parents/Guardians:

We are nearing the spring 2021 administration of the AP exams. While this academic year has been different from past years, with its combined face-to-face and remote teaching and learning, Flagler Palm Coast High School has determined that traditional paper, in-school exams provide the best route for students' success in their AP courses.

As a result, we will be conducting AP exams in-person only from Monday, May 3rd through Monday, May 17th, 2021. Plans are being made to secure rooms on campus at FPCHS for this purpose.

Classrooms will be available for smaller exam venues, and larger rooms such as the gym and fieldhouse will be used for bigger groups. College Board mandated distance between test-takers as well as social distancing will be observed. Additionally, face coverings will be required.

Please view the updated AP Administration 1-Paper, In-School exam schedule below. Students should check with their AP teachers to confirm their exam dates, since the original exam schedule posted by AP College Board has changed.

AP In-School Exam Schedule

Exam Information Letter