The Yearbook Staff Needs your Help

The Yearbook Staff Needs your Help
Posted on 10/19/2020

Ways to be spotlighted in the yearbook --> The yearbook staff is creating several different feature stories on a variety of topics to be spread throughout the book. All Students have the opportunity to be included on those pages by responding to the surveys we share. Students are selected based on the quality of the responses and pictures they submit. With limited club activities and large events happening on campus, this will be the best way for students to be seen in the book. We NEED YOUR HELP!!!! The 2nd round of topics can be found here.

Photo Galleries --> Finally there are places in the book where the Picture Says It All! These are student photo galleries related to a specific topic. To be included, please email Cheryl Perry the picture and student name only.  Submission of a picture does not guarantee use. The topics for this section of the book include:

  • Most Interesting Masks (Shoulder and heads shots wearing the mask)
  • Remote Students in their "school" Workspace
  • Students on the Job (picture needs to show the job as well as the student)
  • Insane Filters (selfies with your favorite Filter -- these may be group shots but all people in the picture have to be FPC students and I need all names when you send the picture)
  • Fashion --- Show off your favorite Outfit
  • Halloween Costumes - Prepare