Safety and Security Adjustments

Safety and Security Adjustments
Posted on 12/13/2019

Attention FPC, recently we have made some safety and security adjustments to our procedures for arriving to school. Feedback from law enforcement, a Homeland Security Threat Assessment and guidance from district personnel has helped in enacting the following procedures:

  • Students will be able to enter the campus at 7:30am through the student hub or the breezeway. Bus riders will continue to follow the arrival procedures from the bus loop
  • The east parking lot will be closed off at 8:00am

  • After 8:00am, students arriving to the campus will need to enter through the student hub
  • The security gates between buildings 1 and 2, the security gates between buildings 1 and 3, the security gates between the Auditorium and building 3 and the south glass doors of building 2 are not to be used to enter the campus. All students and visitors are to enter through the student hub.