Mental Wellness lessons

Mental Wellness lessons
Posted on 01/28/2020
Dear Bulldog Family,

Students across Florida will be receiving lessons and instruction, beginning this year, in several areas that the State Board of Education has identified as required topics. For students in grades K-12 this includes child trafficking/stranger danger and substance abuse. Students in grades 6-12 are also required to receive five hours of mental health instruction that covers ten different topics.

These lessons will be delivered through Schoology in classroom settings appropriate to each grade level. You will see on your child’s schedule in Skyward an extra period appear, labeled with FPC. This has no impact on your child’s grades, credits, or actual schedule. This period is simply the location for the Schoology lessons to be housed.

Below is the schedule that FPC will follow for
these lessons:
• 1st period – Thursday, 2/6
• 2nd period – Thursday, 2/13
• 3rd period – Thursday, 2/20
• 4th period – Thursday, 2/27
• 5th period – Thursday, 3/5

Full letter here.