FPC Welcomes Our Incoming 9th Graders

FPC Welcomes Our Incoming 9th Graders
Posted on 04/14/2020

Entering 9th grade at FPC in August? If so, you are in the right place. Everything you need to know is here. We are excited to get started on the process of helping you choose your courses for next year!

How do you learn about the FPC Flagships and elective options?

FPC has so much to offer you! Check out this Virtual Showcase to learn about all of our Flagships and electives that are open to incoming 9th graders.

You should also follow us on twitter @FPCHS, @fpccounselors and like us on Facebook to learn more.

Who picks your core classes (required academic classes)?

Your 8th grade teachers are the ones that recommend you for each of your required core classes. You do NOT have to do anything in order to make this happen. All of that will happen behind the scenes. Their recommendations will be based on your in class grades and your previous FSA scores. All incoming 9th graders will also be placed in PE, also known as HOPE, as this is a graduation requirement.

Who picks your electives?

You, of course! This is one of the best parts of high school.  So many options to choose from, so you can really pick what interests you.  Once you have looked over the Virtual Showcase and are ready to choose your electives, CLICK HERE to take you to a form where you fill out your top five elective choices. Please be sure to pick your electives in order from favorite to least favorite. Remember these electives will be offered based on student participation, so choosing the course doesn’t guarantee placement.  This form must be filled out and submitted by Friday, April 24th.

How many classes will I have next year?

Each student will have a schedule of 7 classes in total throughout the year; only 5 at a time. All students will take an english, math, science, and PE class. The number of electives you get to have on your schedule will depend on which core classes you were recommended for.  

Will I be able to see a list of course requests before school starts?

Yes! Once all 8th graders complete their elective request forms and information is entered into Skyward, you will receive communication from us. At that point you will be able to see the elective courses you requested and the core classes you were recommended for so you can make sure there are no mistakes. Again we have not set a date for this yet, so please keep a look out for future information. 

What do I do if I have questions or my parents have questions?

If you attend BTMS, you will be hearing from your US History teacher soon about when your class will be scheduled for a Zoom session that will include your US History teacher and an FPC guidance counselor. During this session you will be able to ask the FPC guidance counselor anything about next year. Your parents are also welcome to attend this session, just make sure you are signed into Zoom using the student login. If you attend ITMS, stay tuned as we have something similar in the works. If you attend ISTC, hold tight we are working on something similar that will be done through Google Classroom.

Your 8th grade counselor should also be able to answer your question or point you in the right direction. Try emailing them or look for their Zoom Virtual Office Hours.

9th graders, see the chart below for who your guidance counselor will be.  Feel free to reach out to them with FPC specific questions.


  • Students whose last names begin with A-C: Sue Howell: 437-7540 extension 3113
  • Students whose last names begin with D-H: Cindy Kalcounos: 437-7540 extension 3309
  • Students whose last names begin with I-Mo: Wendy Hutcheson: 437-7540 extension 3104