Congratulations to FPC Mu Alpha

Congratulations to FPC Mu Alpha
Posted on 02/03/2020

Congrats to FPC Mu Alpha for placing 3rd overall at the February Regional. This is the first time the school has placed in the sweepstakes in over 20 years!

5th place Geometry Team
- Shawn Zhudro, Roymara Louissaint and Ryder McDowell. 

5th place Algebra 2 Team- Genesis Santiago-Gil, Elen Hartenyan, Robert Miller and Eric Lin.

5th place Precalculus Team 2- Priya Tomerlin, Paul Grau, Krish Sagar and Vivian Tran.

11th place Statistics Individual- Sean Gilliam

9th place Statistics Individual- Alan Hale

2nd Place Statistics Team- Alan Hale, Sean Gilliam, Nina Walls and Yireh Martinez-Torres.

12th place Calculus Individual- Tate Underberg

4th place Calculus Team- Tate Underberg, Jack Moffatt, Liying Wu, Carl Marco

 Mu Alpha Competition-GainesvilleCalculus Team placed 3rd place overall and the school was 17th in the sweepstakes for the entire state! It's our first top 20 finish since the 90s.