At Flagler Palm Coast High School we acknowledge our students and faculty members who excel and/or go above and beyond in Academics, Arts, Attitude, Athletics, Acts of Service and Acts of Kindness. As part of our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and our FPC “A” Team, students and faculty members are encouraged to nominate one another for recognition of demonstrating one or more of our "A" attributes. In order to nominate someone you must go to There is a link at the bottom of the page that will take you to the nomination form—students must be signed into the email given to them by the school at the beginning of the year ( When a student or staff member is nominated, they will receive an email stating the reason that they were nominated and will be given a bulldog token by Coach Scala-Sanders along with a paper stating what the token can be used for (Go to A-Chips link,

Last school year, within the first 9 weeks, we were able to recognize over 135 students and staff members. Our goal this year is to recognize even more students for helping create a positive, school climate to learn here at FPC. The PBIS Team objective is to create a positive environment for our students. We create a safe environment to support our students' academic and emotional growth by encouraging them to share their voice and work hard acrosss all settings, academic and social.

We promote PBIS to all students and faculty members and encourage 100% participation. PBIS helps build character within our students. With them reaching for excellence within the program and trying their best in all areas, our student body as a whole is able to succeed together and help better our school.

Our Dean, Coach Scala-Sanders, along with other FPC staff and students have monthly PBIS meetings on the first Wednesday of every month in room 1088 2:20-3:20. Everyone is invited to join and bring new ideas. We hope to see you there! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding PBIS you may contact Coach Scala-Sanders at or 437-7540 extension 1056.