IB Announcements








The IB Diploma Program is seeking donations to help us decorate and add to the new IB wing at FPC.

If anyone has an unwanted microwave oven, we will gladly pick it up from you to put into our IB student study hall/lounge.

Our IB Visual Arts majors are designing an FPC themed IB logo which will be displayed on walls throughout the wing.  We need approximately 4 gallons of
paint for this project: Navy blue, cosmic blue and sea blue - all available at Lowes.

Contact us via email at tangneyr@flaglerschools.com 



Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS)

IB juniors should be planning their CAS projects and making arrangements to meet with CAS coordinator Ms Tomko.  Please refer to CAS Guidebook and Ms Tomko's CAS site for more information.




IB seniors and juniors are reminded that IB classes are on the A/B Block Schedule except for period 5, which runs every day.

A days are Monday, Wednesday and the first half of each period on Fridays. 

B days are Tuesday and Thursday and the second half of each period on Fridays.

On split (A/B) Fridays, all IB seniors and juniors have first lunch.



 If you are an FPCHS IB graduate and your email address has changed, please send your new address to tangneyr@flaglerschools.com.