Senior Section

Class of 2019
If Not You, Then Who?


2019 Graduation Details

Thursday May 30th

Daytona Beach Ocean Center

Doors open at 6:30pm, Processional at 7:15pm, Ceremony to begin at 7:30pm

Admission tickets will be required, free and limited (every senior is guaranteed up to 10)


Mandatory graduation practice will be at FPCHS on Wednesday May 29th at 9:00am


Cap and Gown Orders

LAST CALL form Jostens (the cap/gown supply company)!  
April 30
th will be the final cut off day for students to call and place an order/pay for Cap and Gowns
to ensure that we will have what they need for graduation.  


PLEASE CALL TODAY if you haven't ordered already… if you aren’t sure, call them to check. 321-242-2055


Yes you can use a borrowed cap/gown from a sibling or friend, (same gender) If they graduated in the last 5 years (fabric/color change before that).  Class of ‘19 tassels will cost you $10, available at distribution.



May 8 (in cafe from 8:30am - 10:30am) and May 9th (11am - 12:30pm in pride park)


Items to pick up:
 Grad Tickets,
Parking Passes ($5),
GPA Honor Medallions,
Check (and pay) Senior Debts,

After this date, items will be available for pick up in the FPC Activities office.  
Based on a specific schedule, TBA.
Please be considerate of our jobs and responsibilities and adhere to the posted schedule.




I'm getting a lot of questions about senior debts. 

Groups who you might owe money too, do not turn over names to me until cap/gown distibution.

If you are concerned about possible having a school debt please check the following sources:

Media center --- textbooks, media center books and computer related things -- stop by the BLC

Dining Hall --- even from years ago… these follow you year to year, school to school
--- ask at any cash register or call food services 437-7526

Sports coaches --- did you quit a team or never return a uniform? --- ask the coaches

Dean Office --- Parking Tickets??? -- stop in the deans office to check


Are you interessted in giving the Commencement Address at the Graduation Ceremony?

Here is the application and information.


Purchasing Yearbooks

The distribution date for those that pre-ordered books has moved up to April 24th.

Books will be available for pick-up, WITH ID, from the activities office.



Yes, we did technically Sell out weeks ago, but the shipping order says they are sending me an over run of 30 books.
Therefore, we will sell
CASH and carry for $90 on a first come first serve basis (also starting on the 24th).
The activities office will open at 7:30am.


Prom --- Friday May 3rd

At the Daytona Beach Hilton


Tickets will be $50 per person and on sale April 22nd - Thursday May 2nd  (Notice tickets are NOT on sale Friday the day of Prom)


½ day of school rule…

Don’t forget the paperwork for Non-FPC guests.  Guests must be under the age of 21 the day of Prom.   

(already uploaded to the school website, strict deadline of Tuesday April 30th)


End of year testing schedule:


May 7


FSA ELA Reading Day 1 Grade 9 and 10

We will have a testing bell schedule in the AM


Senior Class Meeting in the Auditorium

Juniors in their classes (just like April 2nd writing test schedule)


May 8


FSA ELA Reading Day 2 Grade 9 and 10

We will have a testing bell schedule in the AM

Senior Class Grad Supply Distribution in the Cafe

Juniors in their classes (just like April 2nd writing test schedule)


May 14 and May 15


FSA Algebra 1, Geometry (Both 2 days tests)

We will have a testing bell schedule in the AM

Anyone taking an Alg 1, Alg 1B, Geo class on the block and skinny(not for makeups)

Non-testers to the auditorium


May 17-24

Exams For Grades 9-12
Class rotations and bell schedules will be posted soon

But all testing -- no matter what period it says will begin in the morning at 8am with 2nd test at 10am

May 17 End of course exams--- Exams 1 and 2, then classes 3,4,5

May 20 End of course exams ---Exams 5 and 4, then classes 3, 2


---  disrupted school TESTING FROM 8am- 11++

----- non testers to cafe and/or auditorium


May 23 End of course exams -- Seniors Last Official Day

Exams 3, then seniors to activities in the 800 gym

Approximate schedule

8am ---3rd period for testing

10am--- to the 800 gym for Music, Photo Booth, Games, Rymfire Field Trip, Computer Return
(or use time to make up tests or graduation requirements)

12:30 -- Senior Lunch

1:30 -- Senior march through FPC

1:50--- School wide Farewell Pep Rally


May 24 -- only have to come in if you have to make up testing of any sort



Elementary School Walks

Revist your Past, Thank a Teacher, Inspire the Future

Here is the schedule for Walks at the Different Schools.  If you plan to participate, remember you must wear your cap and gown, have a picture ID for sign-in procedures, and remember to represent FPC with Dignity and Pride.

Rymfire:  May 23rd, as part of the FPC senior farewell festivities, a bus will be provided

Wadsworth:  Friday May 24th, 9:15am -- you must have transportation

Belle Terre Elem:  Monday May 28th, 11:30am -- you must have transportation

Bunnell Elem: Monday May 28th, 1:00pm -- you must have transportation

OKES -- I'm waiting to hear their plans





Senior Blessing ---  May 22


Multi-Denominational Blessing of the Flagler County Senior Classes of 2019  (combined FPC/MHS)


Wed. May 22nd, service at 7pm, desserts to follow.


Seniors wear Cap and Gown






Graduation Ticket Information

The Ocean Center requires everyone who needs a seat to have a ticket.  Specific questions about age limits and flexibility must be addressed with them.  My answer is Everyone needs a ticket!


Tickets are FREE but LIMITED


How Many Tickets Can You Get?


In round 1 (May 8th - 17), each graduating senior is allowed up to 10 tickets.  Please don’t take more than you need.


Round 2  (May 20-24, whiles supplies last), the exact number available per family during this round will depend on the number of graduates and what everyone claims in round 1. Each senior only gets one chance of extra tickets in round 2, typically this is 3.


Round 3 (May 28th at 7pm) we will have one final evening at school where families may come in for a last chance at tickets. Doors open at 7pm. The number of tickets you can recieve will depend on how many people are in line at 7pm. *Typically we run out of tickets in round 2, but then have more in round 3 as we find seniors that will not be participating



The 2019 FPC Graduatio will be streamed live

The live feed link for those that can not attend the ceremony will be

For FPC:



Please continue to check back, new events and details are added continuously.